Homemade in San Francisco
Homemade in San Francisco
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While growing up in Peru, Patricia Narciso took interest in her mother making desserts to sell at local street vendors and would watch pastry TV programs. Patty’s interest in pastry making never stopped, and she took courses to further her knowledge while in Lima.

Fifteen years ago, Patty moved to San Francisco to pursue the American Dream. She gained valuable knowledge in business operations having worked in food establishments. In 2011 she made her first batch of alfajores at home, they were delicious! Her cousin Karim encouraged her to begin her own business in doing something that she was passionate about, and Alfajores Narciso was born. At the beginning the only flavor Patty made was the classic alfajor with dulce de leche sprinkled with powdered sugar on top, but then began to take inspiration from the vibrant San Francisco food scene. Many unique flavors were created, and she revolutionized what once was a traditional pastry evolving it into what people know as Alfajores Narciso setting it apart from other alfajores. With unique flavors ranging from ube to Nutella, and always taking inspiration from ingredients around her, the Alfajor Narciso is ever evolving.

"I have been inspired by classic american and european food as well as asian flavors that are very popular in the Bay Area. I take inspiration to come up with new recipes wherever I go. One of my popular creations as a proud LGBT member is the Rainbow Alfajor which was inspired by SF itself.  Provecho!

Patricia Narciso
Founder of Alfajores Narciso